Dead Rising 4 Launch

Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 4 launched at midnight last night, with a launch event taking place at The Brunswick Centre at King’s Cross.

The launch event which started at 6pm, showcased a row of customised Dead Rising 4 Christmas lights, ready to be turned on right before the exclusive launch trailer.

At the centre of the launch was a huge red button and overhead loomed a zombie hand. Online fans were able to tune in live to the event via Facebook Live and Periscope, with the more online viewers tuning in, the closer the hand got to the red button.

When the finger finally pressed down on the button, a hoard of zombies was unleashed on the Dead Rising fans as the Christmas lights came to life and an exclusive trailer played through the Official Xbox Periscope on their Twitter account.

Fans were also able to get hands on with the game in a small demo and buy Dead Rising 4 before official release at midnight. Check out the official launch trailer below.