The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Launch Trailer

A New Frontier

TellTale’s The Walking Dead is set to make a return on December 20. A New Frontier will be reintroducing Clementine and pairing her with a new character, Javier.

Clem’s character has truly evolved and adapted to the post zombie apocalypse world. Evolving from frightened child to a teenage protagonist at the for front fighting for survival. It’ll be interesting to see how ‘A New Frontier’  portrays the battle hardened teenager in the brand new Walking Dead season.

For the first time in the Telltale Walking Dead franchise, players will be able to control two characters. Javier, Clem’s companion who is searching for his family. It has been suggested that both Javier and Clem have more in common than they first think and this will become more apparent as the season plays on.

Telltale games first used their new game engine on their recent Batman series. So as you can see from the trailer below ‘A New Frontier’ is looking great on the new engine.

The Walking Dead” A New Frontier is coming to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Mac, Xbox 360, Xbox One, iOS and Android with it’s first two part episode on December 20. A retail release for the season will be coming out on February 7