Ghost Recon Wildlands Map Details

Ghost Recon Wildlands Closed Beta

Ubisoft has said that Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is their largest open-world action adventure game to date.

Ubisoft has been teasing information about the newest Ghost Recon in their blog dedicated to the newest in the series. When the game was unveiled as open world, fans were thrilled at the possibilities of this wondrous game. Ubisoft have explained how they chose the South American country Bolivia for the game’s map when over 30 designers travelled to explore the country.

Lead artist and technical art director Benoit Martinez said, “The very first step was to go there,” Martinez said, “to send a team for a couple of weeks to really investigate the country. Four groups split to go in every direction — from north to south, east to west — taking thousands and thousands of pictures. We came back with hours and hours of video, interviews and footage from just filming in the wild.”

Ubisoft wanted to create amazing authenticity in the gameplay and the beauty and scale of Bolivia was perfect for this, with its extreme climate and ecological diversity.

In an interview with Polygon, Martinez elaborated on the scale of the Ghost Recon world, which will be divided into 21 regions, each with it’s own towns, villages and waterways. As well as the regions, 11 different biomes will add to the authenticity and player experience.