Overwatch Christmas Update Comes To Town

Overwatch Christmas

The Overwatch Christmas update has finally landed after being teased last week. The event called ‘Winter Wonderland’ is now live for players.

Winter Wonderland replaces the standard loot box with a winter themed one, giving players the chance to unlock the new items that will be randomised and winter themed. Blizzard released the seasonal update for Xbox One, PS4 and PC users.

Players will also receive all new skins, voice lines, emotes, player icons and victory poses. Catch a glimpse of the seasonal event in the trailer below.

A new brawl mode has also been added to festive event called Mei’s Snowball Offensive. This mode pits two teams against each other on Ecopoint Antarctica, with everyone playing as Mei and armed with a snowball gun. There’s also a Winter Mystery brawl, where your character is randomly selected each time you respawn. Two of these maps, Hanamura and King’s Row have been decorated in festive holiday cheer. Enjoy Overwatch fans!

Winter Wonderland will be available for a limited time only between December 13 – January 2.