Steep: Review Roundup


Steep is the wonderful new winter sports game, which recently burst onto the snow scene as a open world extravaganza.

Players can defy and master the monstrous mountain heights, set across the Alps and Alaska. Created as a game that knows no bounds, you can play solo or alongside players, completing challenges and recording your epic moves and insane stunts as you ski, board, glide and just wing it down vast snowy drops.

This extreme sports game allows complete player control and never stops players experiencing the game their own way. Let’s see how it faired in the reviews.

Polygon – 8/10
“Steep is open-world as it should be: an unlimited personal playground. Snowboarding is cool. Sailing off a cliff in a wingsuit is cool. Watching a GoPro video of someone triumphantly launching off a ski jump is cool.Steep lets you get a taste of that cool without the frostbite or bruising, and never holds you back from experiencing it just the way you want it.” Read the full article.

IGN – 7.9/10
“Exploring the expansive, frozen Alps of Steep by means of snowboarding, skis, paragliding, or wingsuit is to tour one of the most diverse and visually interesting open worlds I’ve ever gotten lost in – especially in a sports game. Not all of the featured activities are equally fun, and I was disappointed in the lack of statistical customization, but the array of challenges and their satisfying physics that strike a nice balance between realistic and arcadey rarely left me without something new and exciting to try.” Read the full article.

“In fact, Steep is entirely wonderful on paper – wonderful to me, at least, and anybody else in the mood for a big, daringly aimless game set in a vast stretch of wilderness. Ubisoft’s latest drops you onto the side of a massive Alpine range, a huge and surprisingly diverse landscape over which is spread a pleasantly simple-minded extreme sports game.” Read the full article.

Steep was released on December 2nd 2016 and is available on Xbox One, PC and PS4.