The Walking Dead Season Three Story Generator

The Walking Dead

With The Walking Dead Season Three releasing tomorrow, Telltale Games have revealed more information on its story generator, new to this season.

The generator takes your decisions in over 40 scenarios and determines what kind of survivor you are by how you play the game. The generator was was built to help those who didn’t play Season One and Two of The Walking Dead, but still want to jump into the game. It’s also a great tool for those that played on last gen consoles and can’t import their files.

“These choices cause branches for sure, but they don’t really paint a great picture of who your Clementine is,” explains Telltale CEO Kevin Bruner. “They show us what she did, but it didn’t capture why she did those things. And why you make a choice is what matters most in our games.

“There are only two big options at the end of Season One, but there are many different types of Lee and Clementines out there. That last choice is representative of some pretty complicated motivations, and we wanted to capture that.”

After Telltale looked at playthroughs of previous episodes, they came to the decision that there were 42 gaming styles and paths that players took.

The generator sets up a base for Season Three and asks what you would have done, a sort of personality test to define the Clem you will be playing in Season Three.

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