Kilgore Coming To Killer Instinct


Microsoft Studios and Iron Galaxy have confirmed that Kilgore will be coming to Killer Instinct this January.

Fans of the series will see a few similarities between Kilgore and fan favourite Fulgore. Unfortunately there has been very little information revealed in regards to Kilgore’s move set, but we assume that the character will be delivering some divesting attacks due to his twin mini gun arms.

Even though Kilgore won’t be playable until January, gamers will be able to get a glimpse of the the character as he will be popping up as an opponent later this week.

Rukari Austin, Microsoft Studios community manager took to Twitter to talk about Kilgore. He stated that Kilgore is an UltraTech-developed amalgamation, and that some of his animations are borrowed from other character from the Killer Instinct roster. This is all apart of a “re-imagining” of the cyborg fighter.

A version 3.6 update will be rolling out for Killer Instinct this week which includes a brand new costume for Thunder. Thunder’s new costume was created by “working closely with the Nez Perce tribe,”  who are an indigenous tribe who originated in the pacific Northwest. With this new costume, Iron Galaxy hopes to replicate an “authentic warrior outfit” for Thunder.

More information about the 3.6 update can be found via the link above. You can also check out some of the updates by watching the video below.

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