Mafia 3 Free DLC Now Available

mafia 3

The free update for Mafia 3 has now arrived, complete with car customisation options and brand new racing mode.

Publisher 2k Games have listened to their fans demands and bought car customisation options into the game, with 10 new options, 6 which can be unlocked through normal gameplay. There are 3 more options which are available in the Kick-Back DLC (free for preorders).

To use the car customisation, you will need to visit any of the nine Big Rick’s Garages to add mods to your car including spoilers, wheels and supercharges. There are now over 50 customisation options available in the game. Check out the video below for an overview of the DLC.

The racing mode is now available with 12 different races, 6 which are circuit laps and the other 6 are point to point. Unlocking the races is easy, you will need to sit down with all three of the games lieutenants and race markers will show up in the world.

Additionally there are three new outfits for the main character Lincoln Clay and 2k have teased that new updates will be headed to Mafia 3 in the New Year.