Air Jordan 4 Super Nintendo Customs

Nintendo Air Jordan 4

Nintendo has partnered up with Nike’s popular basketball footwear brand to create a limited edition range of Super Nintendo themed trainers. have revealed that the custom Air Jordan 4’s are created by Freaker Sneaks and they combine the design features of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). The design of the trainers is based on the Japanese and European designs of the games console which was originally release back in the mid 80’s. The custom Air Jordan’s also feature real SNES controller buttons and d-pad. sources have also suggested that only ten pairs of these trainers have been produced to date. The trainers also have no mixed price tag, so it seems unlikely that these trainers will be coming to retail any time soon.

Back in June 2016 Nintendo teamed up with Vans to bring out a collection of themed footwear which featured many classic Nintendo designs such as classic Zelda, Mario and the company’s first ever console the Nintendo Entertainment System.

snes jordans

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