Heroes Of The Storm Characters Free To Play

heroes of the storm
Heroes Of The Storm Characters Free To Play

This weekend, ALL of Heroes of the Storm’s characters will be free to play. You can try out each character in the game starting this Friday and will have three days to play through over 60 characters.

The characters include the most recent to the Blizzard game such as Zul’jin, Varian and Ragnaros. You can check out the new heroes in the video below.

Usually players have to purchase individual characters with in game gold or real world money, so this way you can try out all the characters you’ve been waiting to play and at the end purchase your favourite. There’s also a rotation of free characters each week, but don’t expect the latest additions to be available any time soon and take your chance to play as the 16 new heroes this weekend.

The free event starts this Friday 13th and runs through to Monday 16th