New Horizon Zero Dawn Trailer

Horizon Zero Dawn

A new trailer has been released for Horizon Zero Dawn, the new title from Kill Zone developers Guerrilla Games. The trailer gives us more information about the games story and can be seen below.

The trailer kicks off with the main protagonist Aloy discovering that members of her tribe have been murdered. This event then triggers off games main story which seems to follow Aloy in the pursuit of these attackers. She soon discovers their grand plan to take over the machines and dominate the world.

The trailer gives us a pretty good insight into what we can expect from Horizon Zero Dawn’s story. It looks like the narrative is going to ramp up quite quickly as the plans of the antagonist tribe are unveiled. It also gives us a good sense of how much time has passed since the machines first took over. As the enemy tribe plan to unearth an ancient machine that will play a big part in their apocalyptic inspired plans.

The trailer also shows us that the actor Lance Riddick (who has starred in Quantum Break, Fringe and Lost amongst others) will play “an interested party” in the game. Not much is known about his character or why he is interested in what Aloy is doing but we can only assume that he will be playing a relatively big part in the game.

Horizon Zero Dawn will be released on the PlayStation 4 on the 28th of February in the US and March 1st in the UK and Australia. Reports have stated recently however that the game maybe released as late as March 3rd in the UK, if recent PlayStation Store listings are to be believed.