Rime Releases Half Hour Gameplay

rime gameplay

Tequila Works have released half hour of Rime gameplay through platform IGN. The footage comes after Rime was re-revealed earlier this month after the game’s future has been uncertain.

Rime is a single-player puzzle adventure game about a young boy shipwrecked on a mysterious island. The game was originally announced back in 2013 and was planned as a PS4 exclusive, however Tequila Works officially announced the game would span across Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC as well.

The gameplay shows aspects of the beautiful island and the main character manoeuvring his way through passages and puzzles. It’s an interesting cartoonish world, made bold by the deep mediterranean colours and the use of light and sound.

Take a look at IGN’s gameplay video of Rime and get a feel for the unique style, gameplay mechanics and main character in a game that will hopefully be very special, taking similarities from Ico, The Legend of Zelda and The Last Guardian.