Nintendo Switch Price, Specs And More

Nintendo Switch Reveal

The Nintendo Switch conference was held in Japan a few hours ago and with it came a lot of new information about what we can expect from Nintendo’s next console. Here is what we know.

Switch Release Date and Price

It was announced that the Nintendo Switch will be releasing simultaneously in Japan, the US, Canada, Hong kong, major European countries and other territories on March 3 2017. The suggested retail price for the console will be £279.99 ($299.99 or ¥29,980).

What’s In The Box

So what is included with the Nintendo Switch console? In the box you will expect to find L and R Joy-Con controllers, Joy-Con wrist straps, the Joy-Con grip, the doc for your Nintendo Switch, a HDMI cable and an AC adaptor.

There will be two models available for purchase at launch, one with grey Joy-Con controllers and one with neon red and neon blue. These models are suggested at the same retail price, with the pro controller sold separately.

The Console Specifications

Nintendo Switch Details

The Nintendo Switch has a 32GB inbuilt hard drive which can be expanded by using microSDXC cards. The Switch’s screen is 6.2 inches with “multi-touch capacitive touch screen” features. It can support a resolution of 1280 X 720. Whilst the tablet is 720p, it can support 1080p resolution when docked and outputting to television.

The Joy-Con controllers

Joy-Con Controllers

The Joy-Con controllers include A, B, X and Y buttons. They also include L and R buttons and a home button. The attachable writs straps that are included with the controllers also make the L and R buttons more prominent.

Each of the controllers has an analogue stick (which also functions as an additional button) and a new capture button, which can be used to capture gameplay and screenshots. These screenshots can be shared with friends and family on social media, video capture will be coming sometime in the future.

Both of the controllers have inbuilt accelerometers, gyrosensors, and an “HD rumble system” which adds a new level of sensitivity to motion based gameplay. The R Joy-Con will have an inbuilt motion-IR camera that will be able to sense shape, motion and distance of objects in front of it.

The prices for individual Nintendo Switch controller sets and peripherals were also revealed. The Joy-Con controller set will cost £74.99 ($79.99). The individual L and R controllers will cost £42.99 ($49.99), the Pro controller will cost £64.99 ($69.99) and the Joy-Con charging grip will cost £27.99 ($29.99).

Online Services

The Nintendo Switch’s online services will allow players to invite friends to play games online. Players will also be able to set “play appointments,” chat, and more. The Switch’s online features will be free to everyone during the console’s post launch trial period. The online features will then become a paid service which will start in fall 2017.

Nintendo’s president Tatsumi Kimishima stated at the press conference that the company has “revised its approach” to region locking and has “decided that in general, we will not apply region locking to Nintendo Switch software

That was all the announcements about the Nintendo Switch from the conference held in Tokyo this morning. You can check out all of the games that were announced here.