Castle of Illusion Steam Keys Encounter Technical Problem

castle of illusion

Gamers who purchased Castle of Illusion Steam keys took to NeoGaf and the Steam Forums to inform the platform that their copies of the game had been revoked.

Castle of Illusion, which was originally released in 2013, was removed from digital storefronts in September, meaning that affected customers can’t repurchase the game.

Although customers who have purchased directly through Steam may not have been affected, it seems that those who purchased through online gaming retailers during the period the game was taken off the storefront, may be the customers having the problems.

Sega has since responded to the issue in a statement directed to DLgamer staff saying,

“It’s an issue on Genba side which are managing all Steam code have encountered a technical issue, Sega is already informed and are reactiving games codes accordingly to that problem. Activations codes will be reactivated in 24/48 hours. Sorry for inconvenience.”