Free Killing Floor 2 Update


A brand new update for Killing Floor 2 has been unveiled, and is available now for free on PC and PlayStation 4.

The update entitled ‘Tropical Bash’ introduces a lot of new features. One of the most notable however is the addition of the new ‘Bone Crusher’ weapon. The ‘Bone Crusher’ is a four tier Berserker weapon, and the base of the weapon is built from a baseball bat. Ita also comes with a spiked shield which is build from a hub cap. The weapon can be used to both assault enemies and parry oncoming attacks.

The update also tweaks a number of existing Killing Floor 2 weapons, it also removes some of the ties to player classes. This means that any class using these weapons will receive the weapons benefits. For example support players will now receive benefits when using the Medic’s shotgun.

The Gorefiend is a new type of enemy you will face in the update. The enemy has huge blades for arms and has been described by the developers as an “improved version of the Gorefast,”. Check out the image below to get the Gorefiend stats.


This update also comes with a brand new map called ‘Zed Landing’. The maps main features are a crashed cargo plane and huge volcano that erupts every now and then. Players will have to be extra careful, as they can engulfed by the volcanoes lava streams.

Other additions and changes in the update include new emotes, PC achievements, tweaks and balancing to various weapons, map changes, bug fixes and a faster path to level 10. A full list of PC patch notes can be found here.