Final Fantasy XV DLC Details

Final Fantasy XV DLC

Yesterday Square Enix gave us the first release dates for the first set of upcoming Final Fantasy XV DLC.

First of all a ‘Booster Pack’ will be released on February 21. It will include Magitek Exosuits which Square Enix have confirmed “will give you an exhilarating experience in battles!

The first Story Expansion will be landing on March 28. Episode Gladio will let you play as Gladio himself. Other episodes are planned for both Ignis and Prompto as well and will be coming later in the year. According to Siliconera the Prompto episode should be landing sometime in June.

Another expansion that is planned for the future called Comrades. This will add a four player co-op feature to Final Fantasy XV allowing you and three other friends to control all four party members. Square Enix have yet to give an official release date for this.

All of Final Fantasy XV’s DLC is included in the Season Pass which is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One