Sniper Elite 4 Review Roundup

Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite 4 launched today and the reviews have been rolling in thick and fast for this action packed, sniping game. Crammed full of bone shatters and satisfying shots, Rebellion have taken our favourite sniping hero, Karl Fairburne, to Italy to wage sniping war on his forever enemy, the Nazis.

The game has scored well across the board, with some great reviews, here’s what the critics thought…

Gamespot – 8/10

“There’s always been something voyeuristic about sniping in video games. With a powerful rifle in hand, you’re perched in some bombed-out tower overlooking a Nazi-occupied town, your crosshairs fixated squarely on the head of an enemy soldier as he strides along his designated patrol route. He has no idea that with one pull of the trigger, you’re about to send a bullet careening through flesh and bone, snuffing out his young life in a single, gory instant. It’s in these moments, when an unaware enemy is trained in your sights and you take a deep breath before pulling the trigger on a skull-shattering killshot, that make Rebellion’s Sniper Elite such a devilish joy.” Read the full article. 

IGN – 8.3/10

“Rebellion’s stealth shooter shares the weaknesses and strengths of these contraptions. It’s long and complex, and taking your time to use all your gadgets can feel silly when blasting away at baddies often works fine. Just pick up the darn match and strike it yourself, right? However, Sniper Elite 4 doesn’t only give you the tools to kill Nazis in its (mostly) realistic World War II setting; it gives you the means to stalk them, scare them, and utterly dismantle them if you have the patience. Setting up traps doesn’t feel crucial outside of higher difficulty modes, but playing puppet master is always intuitive and rewarding. It’s by far the thing Sniper Elite 4 is best at. I found myself putting in the effort not because I had to, but because I wanted to.” Read the full article. 


“Sniper Elite 4 doesn’t deviate from the formula laid out by its predecessor, nor does it make any profound additions, but that’s all for the best. In placing a focus on the fundamentals – as well as keeping this to current generation consoles, unlike Sniper Elite 3, so that compromises aren’t so commonplace – Rebellion has been able to tease out all the potential that’s been bubbling under the surface for so long. And if you haven’t played a Sniper Elite beforehand, this is most definitely the right time to get acquainted.” Read the full article. 

You can purchase Sniper Elite 4 today on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.