Halo Wars 2 Review Roundup

Halo Wars 2

Halo Wars 2 will be officially launching on February 21st on PC and Xbox One, however people who purchased the Ultimate Edition or 1TB Xbox One Halo Wars 2 bundle, will be able to jump into the RTS sequel today.

You will be able to play the game across both platforms, at only one cost, if you purchase the game digitally, with saves and achievements moving between platforms.

Take a look at the launch trailer below to see the game in its final form and read all the reviews from the press on Halo Wars 2.

IGN (review in progress)

“We only received Halo Wars 2 a few days ago, which was enough time to complete the campaign but not to get a full sense of its several multiplayer modes, or how they work in a live environment. Below you’ll see my thoughts on what I’ve played so far, and soon I’ll update with more thorough impressions of multiplayer and Blitz, plus my final score.” Read full review here. Read full article. 

Gamespot – 6/10

“Halo Wars 2 lies somewhere in between an RTS game for Halo fans and a Halo game for RTS fans. It adapts Halo’s FPS roots well, taking the series’ classic missions and reformatting them in ways that make sense for a strategy game without sacrificing accessibility. But ultimately, this is a very light RTS experience geared toward Halo veterans, not a robust strategy game, and it runs out of steam quickly.” Read full article.

Polygon – 8/10

“The original Halo Wars also came at a time when it seemed like an offshoot of Halo into new arenas outside the FPS was natural, even inevitable. But since Halo Wars’2009 debut, the series has remained content to play in its own first-person sandbox as the RTS genre faded. And now, in 2017, for whatever reason, Microsoft and Halo stewards 343 have worked with RTS legend and Total War developer Creative Assembly to build Halo Wars 2, a sequel that feels positively anachronistic.” Read full article.


“The strange thing about Halo Wars is how understated it all seems. How dignified. There are so many ways that Halo Wars is an important game – it’s real-time strategy on console, it’s Halo in a new genre, it’s Ensemble’s swansong, it’s another blow in the console wars – but while they could easily dominate your thoughts as you play it, they don’t. Instead they just evaporate in the face of such a confident, self-assured and elegantly constructed videogame.” Read full article.