Horizon Zero Dawn Review Roundup

horizon zero dawn

The PlayStation exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn, is out on 1st March and the reviews are already in for this exciting new open world from Guerrilla Games. In this third person RPG, you’ll take on the role of Aloy, set in a post-apocalyptic world ruled by machines. Here’s what the gaming press thought of the game, as it scored mostly 9s across the board.

Gamespot – 9/10

“A society with a foggy past and an uncertain future is truly lost; such is the reality for the denizens of the world of Horizon: Zero Dawn. Roughly 1,000 years from today, tribal communities lead primitive lives, surrounded by mysterious high-tech fossils of the Old Ones–the fractured legacy of our real world, the result of technological advancement run amok. Diminutive animals like rabbits and boars still roam the wild, but they trot in the footsteps of imposing mechanical beasts that dominantly stride through dense jungles and lurk on snowy mountain tops.” Read full article.

IGN – 9.3/10

“There’s something about being dropped into a brand new game world and finding it to be dense with deeply considered lore, terrifyingly aggressive creatures, and tantalizing questions that leaves an indelible mark on the memory. Horizon Zero Dawn is one of those games, and it carves out a unique identity within the popular action-roleplaying genre. Coupled with wonderfully flexible combat and a story that touches on unexpectedly profound themes, I found it hard to tear myself away from Horizon even after I’d finished its main campaign some 40 odd hours later.” Read full article. 


“You’d be forgiven for going into this one expecting something a little different. For developer Guerrilla Games, at least, Horizon: Zero Dawn sees a remarkable change in both pace and tone, a well-earned break from over ten years of stoic service on the gritty battlefields of Killzone and a step away from the crushed concrete and exposed steel mesh of Helghan towards something brighter, breezier, more open. Horizon: Zero Dawn is a sumptuous, slow-burning adventure that stretches its 30 hour tale across a vast and beautiful map that’s light years away from the killing fields of Guerrilla’s first-person shooter series. It’s an open world game of admirable scope and craft.” Read full article.

Polygon – 9.5/10

“Since being founded in 2000, this Amsterdam-based studio has stuck almost entirely to a single series: the drab sci-fi shooter franchise Killzone. The successes and failures of individual entries in that franchise have varied — 2009’s Killzone 2 was arguably a high point, while PlayStation 4 launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall was a disappointment — but regardless, Killzone has never really seemed to catch on in the gaming zeitgeist compared to popular competitors like Halo and Call of Duty.” Read full article.