Mass Effect Andromeda Includes Natalie Dormer

Mass Effect

Game of Thrones actress, Natalie Dormer has been confirmed as having a part in Mass Effect Andromeda. She will be playing the character Dr. Lexi T’Perro, BioWare announced.

She has a role alongside fellow Game of Thrones actor, Gethin Anthony (who plays Renly Baratheon) who will playing the voice of Gill in Mass Effect Andromeda. Natalie’s character is a doctor on board the ship in the latest game, described as ‘wise’ with ‘a dry sense of humour’ and having ‘rye lines’.

The team at BioWare have also treated us to gameplay first looks in Mass Effect, including Combat and squad profiles. This includes the ‘skill tree’ which relates to your style of gameplay, as you level up. You can choose skills, without being limited to a class, there are 3 classes called combat, tech and biotics, which let you access 7 different types of profiles. Check out the skill tree below and decide on your way of playing. ‘Favourites’ lets you map three skills, allowing you to switch between long range combat, grenades and close quarter combat

Mass Effect is launching 21st March on PC, Xbox One and PS4.