System Shock Remake On Unreal Engine 4

system shock

The popular first person shooter, System Shock raised 1.3 million on Kickstarter last summer, with the team at Nightdive Studios working on remaking the classic game.

In an interview with Polygon at this year’s GDC, Nightdive explained that they’ve moved to Unreal Engine, as “Unity is not a great engine to use if you want to make an FPS on console” commented the game director Jason Fader.

“We’re making a ‘faithful reboot,’ meaning the spirit of the game is the same, but how we present it may be different,” Fader told Polygon “We’re not touching the overall story (other than fixing plot holes). All of the characters you know and love will be back, but with more refined dialogue thanks to our lead narrative designer, Chris Avellone. Most of the classic creatures, weapons, items, and areas are being kept, but we will be applying modern game design principles and visuals to better introduce System Shock to current gamers that might not have had the chance to appreciate the original game.”

Gearbox was also confirmed to be using Unreal Engine and showed off some of the tech at GDC, confirmed to be the next game, after Battleborn, that the Studios will be working on.