No Man’s Sky: The Path Finder Update

No Man's Sky

The largest update so far, The Path Finder Update has arrived, which builds on the foundation of the space exploration game, No Man’s Sky.

Hello Games have been working on expanding the exploration game and have added more vehicles, new upgrades and ship/weapon classifications. Here is a summary of the features coming in the update.

· Planetary Vehicles – build up to 3 exocraft at bases. Summon anytime to quickly explore planets
· Base Sharing – share your constructions online, and visit other explorers’ bases
· Improved Visuals – high-res textures, improved visuals and 4K rendering on supported hardware
· Ship/Weapon Classes – fighting, exploring and trading specific classes are available for purchase
· Permadeath Mode – the ultimate challenge to reach the center without dying
· Exocraft Races – construct, race and share tracks to test vehicles to their limits
· New Upgrades – collect Nanite Clusters and purchase dozens of new upgrades for weapons and tech
· Survival Mode Rewards – new trophies and milestones for greater challenge
· Vehicle Upgrades – boost acceleration, traction, scan for points of interest or weaponise your craft
· Base Improvements – change building materials (like concrete and timber), and dozens of new parts, including viewing pods, stairs and hydrodomes
· Photo Mode – free move camera, photo filters, edit time of day and weather
· Shop for building parts – traders visit your base and sell advanced constructs
· Discovery Page – view information on previously discovered planets, find your home planet at any time
· Low Flight Enhancements – pilot ships at lower altitude, improved ship landing
· Difficulty – all modes have re-balanced difficulty, in survival mode destroyed ships crash land on nearby planets
· Gameplay Improvements – skippable journey milestones, rename your belongings

You can watch a new trailer on the Path Finder Update below.