You Could Win Hearthstone’s Next Expansion Pack


Hearthstone’s next expansion pack, Journey to Un’Goro is planned for some time in April, but that doesn’t stop you from planning your pack now!

Blizzard have announced that for the second week in a row, the latest Tavern Brawl in the game means you could be in for a chance to win a single Journey to Un’Goro pack. In the first week players were given the chance to play a repeat of the common ‘Encounter at the Crossroads’ brawl that we’ve seen many times, but with a twist. Although the rewards for the popular mode in Hearthstone, which involves playing opponents with completely randomised decks, is normally a single deck of cards.

Now players can take to the Tavern Brawl mode, which this week, is a single player challenge where you attempt to get as many hits on the computer controlled opponent as possible before they wipe you out. As long as you inflict 30 damage at the enemy, you will win and earn your free pack.

The pack cannot be opened until the expansion launches in April. This comes as part of Blizzard’s Year of the Mammoth, which promises further freebies for fans of the popular tactical card game, this is set to included daily login rewards for gold, arcane dust and full card packs.