Yooka-Laylee Review Roundup

Yooka-Laylee review

Yooka-Laylee has received mix results since the reviews hit the press yesterday afternoon. Although the reviews compare the game to its spiritual predecessor, Banjo-Kazooie, there are mixed opinions on if this was the right route for the game.

IGN – 7/10

When it’s at its best, Yooka-Laylee reminds me of why 3D platformers have been one of my favorite game genres for the past two decades. Its colorful worlds, vibrant and funny characters, and generally smart and entertaining level design often had me grinning as I remembered my times with games like its not-so-thinly-veiled inspiration, Banjo-Kazooie. But while I enjoyed my 15 hours in the world created by developer Playtonic, I was bummed to notice camera issues, some bland activities, and small number of worlds that keep Yooka-Laylee from reaching the heights of its predecessors. [full review]

GameSpot – 6/10

As a spiritual successor to 3D platformer Banjo-Kazooie, Yooka-Laylee really does capture the cheeky personality of its predecessor. It doesn’t introduce many new ideas, but it does rework the existing formula, creating a far less linear version of the N64 collectathon. Ultimately, though, bloated levels and a largely uncooperative camera keep Yooka-Laylee from being more than just a nostalgia trip. [full review]

The Guardian – 4/5

Don’t be fooled by the saccharine paint job, the goggle-eyed supporting cast of anthropomorphic chestnuts, clouds and refrigerators, or the ear-niggling lullaby melodies: Yooka-Laylee is a game meticulously crafted, not for children, but for the middle-aged. [full review]

Polygon – 5.5/10

Developer Playtonic has been carefully faithful to what made those first games memorable, from the charming main characters to the focus on platforming, puzzle solving and secrets. But well-regarded as those games were, 19 years have passed since the first Banjo-Kazooie, and Yooka-Laylee remains too true to that original formula — even when it means not ditching game design ideas that feel stuck on those old cartridges. [full review]

Yooka-Laylee is available now on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.