Frostpunk City-Builder Details Revealed


The devs behind ‘This War of Mine’ have finally revealed the story behind their next title Frostpunk.

In ‘This War of Mine’ you controlled a shelter in the midst of a war where 4/5 people attempted to survive. In Frostpunk, a city-builder game, you will govern the last city on Earth. The latest trailer shows a city emerging out of the ice, an example of the kind of city you will be able to build and expand upon in the game.

This War of Mine made its mark by being incredibly heartbreaking, where you as a gamer, had to make tough decisions in a war torn world. It looks as if Frostpunk will have similar notions, with consequences that are just as grave and on a more epic scale. You can take a look at the trailer below.

Jakub Stokalski said in an interview with Eurogamer“Frostpunk is not one of those city-builder games like SimCity where you have problem with crime and you build three police stations and that solves your problem,” he said. “No, that won’t happen in Frostpunk. You have to make decisions and deal with the consequences. We don’t want people to face very simple tasks.”

There will be more on Frostpunk at E3 this year, with the plans to release on PC later in the year.