H1Z1: King of the Kill Reddit Q&A Talk Weapons, Leaderboards And More


H1z1 producers took to Reddit to answer questions relating to King of the Kill, the large-scale multiplayer, survival, PVP game from Daybreak Games.

Many fans of the series had questions arise around the popular online game relating to weapons, crate drops, leaderboards and customisation. You can read the full thread on reddit or visit the H1Z1 King of the Kill website for the highlights. Here are some of the big questions that have been answered…


1. Are you guys reconsidering bringing back the old headshot sound?
2. Do you have any concepts for new guns in the upcoming future?
3. What are you plans on buffing and nerfing some aspects of the game guns like the R380 what do you plan on doing with that? This goes along with the next question.
4. What are your ideas on making melee weapons useful?
5. When will you update the skull store, and if you do what would you add to it?
6.Are you guys planning on doing defensive crate drops and offensive crate drops ex: defensive drops could hold something like a lammy and med kits and nades, while the offensive one could hold the sniper, ghillie, and ar ammo.
7. I am pretty sure this has already been addressed but ever since the new update aiming and 2 tapping has been a struggle even from pros like Ninja and Drassel were commenting on how the aim sens or something of the sort was messed up when the patch came out do you have answers for this was it intentional unintentional?


1.Yes, we are discussing ensuring that headshots are distinctive from body shots.
2. Yes, we have started prototyping a new weapon now. I wouldn’t expect any details or the ability to test something out until the summer. Weapons fill roles in the game and we want to be sure that each weapon has a clear role for the situation you are engaged with in the game, so our focus in on defining those roles and looking for holes in those roles.
3. Related to my answer above, we are looking at every weapon’s role right now to ensure each weapon has a distinct use. Player feedback and behavior is also a big element in those decisions. The recent changes to the Magnum were in response to what developed in team games and the Magnum being over powered in certain situations. We will always be making necessary balance changes based on stuff like that.
4. This is longer term than the weapon stuff mentioned here, but also very similar. The role of melee weapons needs to be cleared and then balanced appropriately. It only goes longer term because the melee system in general needs a larger revamp. Things that we have discussed are things like having a dedicated melee slot and quick melee strike. Not sure yet what we will ultimately do.
5. No firm ETA yet.
6. Yes, an airdrop revamp is on the roadmap as well. We would like to make each airdrop themed around something so you can decide how valuable it is to you given the current place in the match you are. Some could be themed around medical, some more offensive, some more protective, etc. Designs are being discussed and vetted, and it is something we will get to closer to the summer.
7. I just heard about this today and am trying to get details. So far all I have is that there may be a sensitivity issue, so I need more information before I can comment. Nothing was intentionally changed though.

H1Z1 is available on PC in Early Access.