Remedy Confirms New Project Codenamed P7

Remedy New Game

Alan Wake and Quantum Break developer Remedy have confirmed a new “game project” as part of its latest earnings report.

The only thing that has been officially confirmed is that the game is Codenamed P7. The Finnish developer did state that their goal with this game was to release the game on a “wider range of platforms,”. This is great news as this all but confirms that the game will not be a platform exclusive title like Quantum Break was when it was first released. Remedy also stated that their Northlight game engine will support PlayStation 4 as well.

As well as P7, Remedy have also confirmed that they are making a sequel to CrossFire, this is in partnership with Korean studio Smilegate. The first CrossFire game reached 650 million registered users and it hit over $1 billion in annual revenue according to the developer.

No mention on whether Remedy will be developing sequels to Alan Wake and Quantum Break. They have stated that Quantum Break did sell really well, it has been stated by Aaron Greenberg (head of marketing at Microsoft) that “Just like every movie, not every game needs a sequel,” so it will remain to be seen if Quantum Break will get a sequel or not. No mention of a new Alan Wake has been made by the developer, though they have mentioned in the past that they have “ideas for a new game in the series,“.

We may get more information about P7 at E3 in June, though no official announcement has been given.