Burnout Creators Making Crash Mode Spiritual Successor Danger Zone

Danger Zone

Three Fields Entertainment, the game studio that has been founded by the creators of the Burnout franchise, have been developing a spiritual successor to Burnout’s popular Crash Mode titled Danger Zone.

The game is due for release in May 2017 on PC and PlayStation 4 is from Criterion founders perry and Alex Ward, who left the studio in 2014 to create Three Fields Entertainment.

Since 2014 they have released Dangerous Golf and the VR title Lethal VR. Even though Danger Zone isn’t a full racing title it does take a lot of inspiration from Burnout and it’s 3D car crash puzzle game.

Much like Burnout’s Crash Mode, Danger Zone works in a very similar way in that there are “20 crash testing scenarios” which are very similar to Crash Modes’s “Crash Junctions”. The aim of the game is to drive into the scenario in order to try and create the biggest car pile up possible. This in turn will earn players a “Smash Breaker” that turns your car into a bomb which players can then detonate on demand. Players score points by crashing as many cars as possible.

Unlike Crash Mode, Danger Zone features real time physics, which means the car crashes in Danger Zone should look far more realistic that its predecessor.

Eurogamer managed to get an interview with Alex Ward of Three Fields Entertainment about Danger Zone, you can check it out here.