Ex Guerrilla Cambridge Art Directors Start New Studio

guerrilla games

Alex Kanaris and Tom Jones previously worked for Guerrilla Games Cambridge, which was closed by Sony. The pair worked for Sony for 14 years and at Guerrilla Cambridge as art directors, working on the VR title RIGS.

The pair have now started their own indie studio called Polygon Treehouse and are working on a Scandinavian fantasy point and click adventure called Röki. They have launched a reveal trailer below.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Kanaris said, “Point-and-click allows us to flex our art muscles while also testing ourselves in other areas as well. The genre has had a renaissance in recent years, and it’s so open we can tell whatever story we want, with the characters we want.”

A decision has not been made on funding but the Polygon Treehouse website, says the adventure game will be coming in 2018.