For Honor Season Two Heroes And Maps Revealed

for honor season two

For Honor Season Two starts on May 16th and Ubisoft have released footage of the new heroes and characters coming in the next season.

Ubisoft already confirmed that two new heroes would be added, the Centurion Knight and Shinobi Samurai.

The Centurion 

The knight comes equipped with a gladius for close quarter combat. Ubisoft have said the character will be a strategic fighter.

The Shinobi

The Shinobi sits in the assassin class in the samurai faction and has a deadly Kusarigama,a sickle and chain weapon.

As well as these characters, two new maps have been confirmed called Forge and Temple Garden, which will be available from May 16th. The two new heroes will be available for free to season pass holders on the same day, however other players will need to wait until may 23rd to unlock the heroes with in-game Steel.

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