STRAFE – Review Roundup

strafe review roundup

The first person shooter STRAFE, from Pixel Titans and Devolver Digital is now available and the reviews for the game have landed.

PC Gamer – 72/100

Strafe has all the Quake action figures. It cosplayed as a Doomguy during last year’s gaming convention. When Quake 2 gave itself a ‘Strogg Life’ tattoo one night, Strafe got it as a bumper sticker. It roves among the polycarbonate canyons of its local PC software store, itching for a conversational gauntlet thrown at its authority of all things FPS, its fingers pre-curled to push its glasses up its nose and huff that actually, you can stunlock a Cacodemon with the chainsaw. [Full Review]


What’s the most important component of a good FPS? Is it violence? No. Is it smart level design? That can certainly make your shooter interesting and memorable, but it isn’t a prerequisite to enjoyment. Is it fast movement? Again, that won’t hurt your chances. But like all these other hallmark elements of FPS design, it isn’t as fundamental as ensuring that your guns are fun to fire. [Full Review]

Gamespot – 8/10

At first glance, Strafe looks as if it’s resting on the laurels of the old-school, hyper-fast, and gory first-person shooters from the ’90s. Oftentimes, it actually does lean heavily on the likes of Doom and Quake, but working within those confines and introducing a roguelike structure, Strafe emerges as a uniquely thrilling shooter with plenty of charm in its own right. It teeters between being mindlessly fun and cautiously strategic to the backdrop of a perfectly executed electronic soundtrack, teaching you something new with each run. [Full Review]

Destructoid – 8.5/10

If you’re looking for some kind of story or deeper plot, just stop. STRAFE takes things back to the good old days where gameplay was front and center and narrative took a backseat. That isn’t to say you can’t connect some dots and try to piece together your own story, but STRAFE is really about the experience of playing it. [Full Review]