Prey Review Roundup

Prey review

The reviews are starting to land for Bethesda’s new sci-fi first person shooter, Prey, which came out on May 5th on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Polygon – 8.5/10

“Prey is a game about identity, wrapped in the clothing of a first-person shooter. Developed by Arkane Studios, the creators of Dishonored, Prey shares a similar heritage, even if the genes it expresses are different. Where Dishonored went back to the Thief series for inspiration, Prey takes its cues from the legendary development house Looking Glass’ other child — System Shock.”

PC Gamer – 79/100

I need to get into this office. That’s not entirely true. I want to get into this office, and Prey has taught me that where there’s a will, there’s a way. The door is unhackable, and its keycard could theoretically be anywhere on the Talos-I space station. It’s time to get creative. The windows into the office are breakable, but the gap is too small for me to squeeze through. Also, my standard trick of using the Mimic power to turn into a smaller object won’t work. There’s no window ledge to perch on, and mugs, understandably, cannot jump very high. There is, however, a computer terminal in view of the window. I’ve got an idea. [Full Review]


“How do you add intricacy to a genre as fearsomely intricate, as batty with systems, variables and knock-on effects as the so-called “immersive simulation”? One of Prey’s answers to that question – and I promise this isn’t me feeling around for a headline – is to add a bit of Minecraft.” [Full Review]

Rock Paper Shotgun

“Morgan Yu, whether male or female, is a half-German, half-Chinese senior member of the Talos 1 team, a group of researchers, scientists and space pioneers living on a space station orbiting the moon. After the failed assassination attempt of JFK, the US space programme made huge leaps, spurred on by USSR competition. By 2034, Talos 1 is a thriving luxurious space station, hindered only by the attentions of a malevolent alien species called the Typhon. And beyond that, because of the really splendid way Prey environmentally and anecdotally tells its story, I won’t say anymore. However, how it tells this story deserves more celebration.” [Full Review]

Prey is now available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox One.