LawBreakers Second Closed Beta Announced


The new arena shooter Lawbreakers, from the creator of Gears of War has announced the second closed beta.

The second closed beta starts Thursday 18th May running to 21st May. The last closed beta was in March and developer Boss Key announced that they have been working on changes since.

A new character, map and mode has been added to the next beta. The new role called the Wraith, is a cyber-ninja character and carries a silenced pistol, that fires in small bursts. The map called Reactor, has been described as a “map that kind of takes the boiling ocean that happened after the shattering and kind of reconstitutes it into hydronium”. The new mode is called ‘Blitz Ball’ and takes on a sporty FPS game mode which centers around a ball that needs to be carried to the enemies team base, which will explode when the countdown hits zero.

The current Overcharged mode has received an update to load matches quicker and the Vanguard character has received a balance change. You can sign up for the beta on their website and check out the full patch notes via Dual Shockers.