The Surge – Review Round Up


Reviews for The Surge are now out. Take a look at them here:


“A solid Soulslike that stops a few steps short of greatness”. [Full Review]

Polygon – 8/10

“The Surge successfully builds on its inspirations and finds its own voice”.

IGN – 7.9/10

“The Surge makes good use of its detailed sci-fi setting and provides an engaging experience throughout the 30 to 40-hour campaign, mostly thanks to its widely customizable inventory and wickedly fun combat system. It may struggle to keep the action moving and tell a strong story amid the chaos of battle, and its weapon progression plateaued early, but it offers some interesting ideas and delivers a solid new take on a familiar genre.” [Full Review]

PC Gamer – 60/100

“The Surge isn’t the same as Dark Souls but comparison’s inevitable. Like that cyborg whose torso I severed, it struggles to stand on its own.” [Full Review]

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