Video Game Devs Agree To Pay Voice Actors Royalties


According to, some game companies have agreed to pay voice actors royalties based on game sales.

Voice actors and performance capture artists are currently striking 11 game companies, asking for secondary compensation for their work. The Screen Actors Guild SAG-AFTRA have reported in their trade magazine that some companies have agreed to residual payments offering a full day’s wage for every two million units a game sells, up to four payments at eight million sales.

SAG-AFTRA have claimed to have made tangible progress in the industry by signing 30 games from more than 20 companies to its negotiated video game agreements under the same terms that the AAA companies have refused.

“These deals show that other companies see that what we’re asking for is reasonable,” said performer Phil LaMarr.

The organisations’ trade magazine also revealed that artists wanted transparency regarding the projects for which they’re hired and wanted to know whether they would be asked to perform any objectionable material so they could make fully informed decisions on whether to take the job.