Sunless Skies Opens Closed Alpha Registration

sunless skies

After Sunless Skies successful Kickstarter campaign, the studio Failbetter have now opened a closed alpha registration. The studio expect to have a lot of requests for the game and have outlined a criteria for what they’re looking for in players.

  • Must have a Steam account you can use
  • PC/Mac/Linux operating system
  • People who have played Failbetter games before.
  • PC gamers who haven’t played our games before (especially RPG fans).
  • Players with accessibility requirements, so we can build Sunless Skies with specific accessibility feedback in mind.
  • People who have QA or previous testing experience (though not required!).

“For those invited, we’d of course ask you to install and play the Sunless Skies alpha,” adds Failbetter’s Haley Uyrus. “Each batch will be involved for at least two weeks, though you are free to help us test until the alpha ends! We will be looking for you to report any bugs you find, along with your general thoughts on the game so far.”

You can sign up for your chance to be included in the closed alpha on the Failbetter website.