For Honor Patch Update Now On PC

for honor

The latest For Honor patch, version 1.08 is out now on PC, expected to come to consoles later next week. Character updates, quitting penalties and bug fixes have been included in the update.



Eagle Talon

  • Eagle Talon hit recovery can be cancelled into Revenge after 1100ms.

Developer comments: Eagle Talon hit recovery used to be cancellable by Revenge instantly. With the added delay, it’s still possible to use Eagle Talon a second time thanks to Revenge, however, it’s no longer guaranteed.


  • Jab hit reaction Stagger window increased to 0-800ms (from 200-800ms).

Developer comments: Jab hit reaction can now stagger the opponent 200ms earlier if near a wall. It will reduce the frame advantage given when you stagger somebody already near a wall with the Jab, preventing the infinite combo with the charged heavy.


  • [Bug Fix] Centurion is now immune to Guard Break while rolling.


  • Added Legion Kick combo.
  • Added Uninterruptible Stance icon on Eagle’s Fury and Eagle’s Fury Alternate.
  • Added information about Heavy Attack cancel into Guard Break.



  • [Bug Fix] Shinobi is now immune to Guard Break while rolling.


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed a bug causing the Shinobi to get stuck in objects after performing a Deflect.



  • Removed the Unblockable icon from the chains “Spirit of Inevitability”, “Form of the Dragon”, “Doom of the Kensei”.
  • Added the Unblockable icon to the Top Heavy Finisher Unblockable on the left side panel.
  • Added entry for Superior Block on Dodge.

Developer comments: To avoid confusion in the Moveset page about what attack is Unblockable in the Kensei’s chains, we’ve removed the Unblockable icons from the chain description and added it to the Top Heavy Unblockable Key Move description.



  • Added information about Heavy Attack cancel into Guard Break.


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed the bug where the player would enter ladder climb animations without reaching the ladder
  • [Bug Fix] General visual bug fixes in DLC maps
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed a bug where minor drops would cause the hero to fall over


  • Updated the following ornament names:
    • “Winged 1” to “Daubeny’s Shame”
    • “10-armed Monk” to “12-armed Monk”
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed the Volkoff Blade and Glymiron Hilt that were inverted for the Warlord
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed the dagger blade and weapon hilts that were inverted for the Peacekeeper


  • [Bug Fix] Players will now be rewarded for completing Player vs AI matches
  • [Bug Fix] The Centurion “Centaur” ornament has been gifted to all players due to a bug in the unlock condition
  • [Bug Fix] The Shinobi “Pious” ornament has been gifted to all players due to a bug in the unlock condition
  • [Bug Fix] The “A Reservist” trophy will be awarded the next time you deploy war assets if you had previously reach the requirement but had not received the reward


  • The Shinobi character now treated as an Assassin Class.
  • The Centurion character now treated as a Hybrid Class.
  • These changes allow the heroes to complete the appropriate orders for their hero Class.

Quit Penalty

Developer comments: We are now able to activate the Quit Penalty feature during matches. When activated, players leaving the session will receive a penalty. This will reduce the amount of Rage Quitting during matches and improve the overall quality of match experience. The feature is included in this TU but will only be activated at a later date.

Further details:

  • The player will receive a warning message about the penalty before quitting the match
  • If the player proceeds to Quit (via the in game menu or Alt+F4) they will receive a 10 minute matchmaking penalty
  • This penalty is also applicable to all group members if their leader leaves
  • There is a 30 second grace window (duration is adjustable) at match start to account for incomplete groups/matchmaking issues
  • The quit penalty only applies to games played through matchmaking