DiRT 4 Review Roundup

dirt 4

DiRT 4 releases on 9th June and the reviews for the next in the rally-themed racing games are now in.

IGN – 9.2/10

“If 2015’s Dirt Rally was Codemasters flipping over the couch cushions and finding the key to something special, Dirt 4 is the studio prying open the barn door and rediscovering the whole car. With a properly meaty career mode, literally endless racing thanks to its procedurally generated stages, and the best sound and visuals Codemasters has ever mustered, Dirt 4 has redefined what we should expect from modern rally games.” [Full Review]


“Dirt was always positioned as the Colin McRae Rally series’ louder, brasher offspring, taking Codemasters’ wonderfully pliable off-road racers and giving them a heavy American slant (at a time, it’s worth remembering, when the late Scottish superstar was wowing fans across the Atlantic with his showstopping antics in the X-Games). It was a play for a broader audience that might have proved divisive, but it did result in a handful of lavish, bold and enjoyable games that were often more glitz than grime.” [Full Review]

Gamespot – 9/10

“2015’s Dirt Rally was a game designed for off-road enthusiasts. With its steep learning curve, uncompromising difficulty, and an adherence to nerve-wracking authenticity, it was an altogether different beast than the Dirt series’ more histrionic entries. Rather than go back to the mainstream, American flavoured well with Dirt 4, Codemasters’ latest feels like a natural continuation of Dirt Rally’s grounded, white-knuckle philosophies; but with one key difference: there’s been a concerted effort this time around to appeal to both veterans and newcomers alike, bridging the gap between the impenetrable and the accessible.” [Full Review]