Horizon: Zero Dawn Passes 3.4 Million Sales

Horizon Zero Dawn

Guerrilla Games have managed to cross a new mile stone as PlayStation boss Shawn Layden has confirmed in an interview that Horizon Zero Dawn has passed 3.4 million copies sold.

This figure is up from the 2.6 million units sold in the first two weeks. It has also been confirmed that Horizon Zero Dawn is the best selling new IP for the PlayStation 4 and marks Guerrilla Games’ “biggest debut” in the developers history.

Sony have also added that 915,000 of the 3.4 million sold were digital copies of the game.

Shawn Layden said in a statement back in March that “We knew Horizon Zero Dawn was going to be something special, so to see the incredible critical reaction to a brand new game world translate into this level of sales is really gratifying,” he went onto state that “Guerrilla has created a game that is nothing short of exceptional, and the reaction we have seen from fans, from hours and hours of gameplay streaming to endless photo sharing, shows just how impactful it has been.”

Given the huge success of Horizon Zero Dawn, Guerrilla Games have been working on a new story expansion. It’s possible that Sony may discuss the expansion in it’s press conference at E3 next week, though this has not been confirmed.