Fable Fortune Launches Early Access Next Month

Fable Fortune

The card combat spin off to Fable, Fable Fortune will be launching an early access build of the game on PC and Xbox One on the 11th of July.

Fable Fortune will be free to play once it achieves it’s 1.0 launch later in 2017. The build that will be released on the 11th of July will cost £9.99 / €12.99 / $14.99 for the founders pack. The Founders Pack will include over $40 worth of in-game items such as, 20 packs of cards, an exclusive Flaming Fowl trophy card and a rare Giant Egg card.

The Early Access build of Fable Fortune follows the games unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign. Whilst the game didn’t meet it’s goal the developer, faming fowl studios managed to find funding elsewhere.

Fable Fortune was originally being developed by Lionhead studios before Microsoft shut the studio down. Microsoft were willing to licence the Fable property to a new developer Flaming fowl Studios who are made up mostly by former Lionhead developers.