Conan Exiles First Glimpse At New Free Expansion

Conan Exiles

Funcom have announced that a new free expansion for Conan Exiles will be available on August 16th 2017 on PC and Xbox One simultaneously with the Xbox One Game Preview launch.

The first ever video and images from the expansion update were released by Funcom today giving players a glimpse at the entirely new region of Conan’s world. The full reveal will happing later this summer on

The highland expansion will transport players from the scorching desert to the cold, frozen highlands where you’ll encounter all new enemies and opportunities.

“By releasing the free expansion update on PC and Xbox One simultaneously with the Xbox One Game Preview launch, we will provide players on both platforms with a new and fresh experience that expands the world of Conan Exiles by roughly 50% and comes complete with entirely new environments, monsters, buildings, game features, and more,” says Funcom Head of Games Lawrence Poe. “As the game is still in Early Access, everyone who has already bought or decides to buy the game while it’s still in development will get access to this massive update at no extra charge.”

In other related news, Conan Exiles will also be updated for the Xbox One X at a later date, taking advantage of the 4K resolution.