New Killer Instinct Character Gets Release Date

Eagle Killer Instinct

It was announced at E3 that Killer Instinct’s latest fighter, Eagle will be coming to the game on 27th June.

This will be the 29th fighter for the game. In the Killer Instinct story, Eagle is the brother of series veteran Thunder. He was originally teased back in December with an alternate costume for Thunder.

Nicole Fawcette from Xbox told the Xbox Daily E3 live stream that Eagle was created with the Nez Perce consulting. The Nez Perce are indigenous people in the Pacific Northwest who govern their reservation in Idaho.

Fawcette stated that “Everything you see around Eagle, the way he looks, the weapons, his voice, the music, every single thing has been influenced by the team over in the Nez Perce community,”

You can check out the Eagle trailer below.