Devolver Digital $100K E3 Festival Loss

devolver digital

Devolver Digital have claimed that they’ve lost $100,000 whilst trying to hold their own festival across from E3 2017.

Devolver co-founder Mike Wilson claims that E3 organiser ESA is to blame for the loss. In a statement to Polygon an ESA spokesperson strenuously denied this allegation.

Wilson alleges that the ESA is behind the permit denial saying, “E3 does not like us being here. We’ve always had a long-standing love-hate relationship. But not in a fuck-with-us kinda way, until this year. They just started making trouble for us with the City, saying, ‘How dare you rent this space out to these renegades, blah, blah, blah.’ Obviously, they have a lot of sway with the city. Phone calls were made and threats. We were being bullied.”