Pokémon Go Summer Update Details

Pokémon Go

More information has been released regarding Pokémon Go’s big summer update. The update will include raids and Legendary Pokémon.

Niantic was able to show off some of the new features over E3 last week (Via Eurogamer). People attending the E3 gathering were able to try out raids for the first time.

Raids are centered around Pokémon gyms. Each gym will now feature a countdown clock and once the clock reaches zero a boss Pokémon will appear, these Pokémon will vary in power and up to 20 players will be able to take the boss on. Players are able to acquire a raid ticket each day from a Pokéstop.

Rewards for complete raids will include special items such as Golden Razz berry. Players will also get the opportunity to catch the boss Pokémon, provided they are the one who downed it. If players defeat enough raids, they will acquire an elite raid ticket. Elite raids will appear in random locations and will feature Pokémon “up to and including” legendary monsters.

Gyms will now also act like Pokéstops and will offer badges. Defeating a Gym will entitle you to either a bronze, silver or gold badge. Gyms will also be rebalanced and will only allow six Pokémon to hold a Gym. Each Gym will also only allow one of each type of Pokémon. Pokémon will also eventually leave a Gym due to a brand new motivation mechanic where players will have to feed their Pokémon berries in order to make them stay in a Gym.

There has been no confirmation on release date as yet.