Returning Destiny Players Set To Get Rewards In Destiny 2

destiny 2

Bungie have confirmed in a blog post that returning Destiny players may be entitled to some exclusive rewards in Destiny 2.

The blog post explains that Bungie is currently hesitant to reveal many of Destiny 2’s acknowledgments of players accomplishments in the original Destiny. Bungie have shown off some emblems that players can receive, such as the one below.

A few of these ‘Destiny-dependent’ emblems players may have missed the chance to earn, such as completing a Moment of Triumph during the Destiny’s first year or completing all eight Moments of Triumph during Year Two.

Three other emblems can be obtained, such as reach Rank 2 and Rank 7 in the Age of Triumph record book, and earn a Grimoire score of more than 5,000. The cut off for this is the 1st August however.