Secret Alien Mission Found By GTA Online Players

GTA Aliens

Gunrunning, the latest update for Grand Theft Auto Online allegedly holds clues to a secret mission involving aliens. The GTA modding group Team Guru have found a way to unlock and play the mission.

First reported by Kotaku, the Gunrunning update code suggests that there might be a Alien crash site near the Zancudo military base. Team Guru looked further into this and managed to uncover the mission within the games code.

The video below was uploaded by Team Guru and showcases the mission. It should be noted that as this mission was uncovered by Team Guru so may not be as the developer intended.

In a Reddit post Team Guru stated that “Much hard work, two weeks of sleepless nights, and years of research have gone into bringing this to you guys,” They continued “What does this mean for the mystery?? Who knows, we still don’t have the undamaged ship being used, yet!!”