Square Enix Livestream Moogles

Square Enix Mooglewatch

Square Enix, publishers and developers of the Final Fantasy series, are currently livestreaming moogles to promote the upcoming release of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age.

The moogles in this case are rabbits located at Vauxhall City Farm, London. The livestream will continue until 12.00pm BST on 11th July, the day Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age releases.

This livestream can be seen here:

Watch live video from Square Enix on www.twitch.tv

Square Enix have also provided an FAQ about the livestream:

Why is there a Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age livestream with rabbits?

Because Moogles in Final Fantasy XII look like rabbits ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Want to chat about Moogle Watch?

Be sure to follow us on Twitter (@FinalFantasy) and tweet using the hashtags #MoogleWatch and #FFXII.

What is a Moogle?

Moogles are a recurring race in many Final Fantasy titles. They are usually small, fluffy and like to say “Kupo!” a lot. In Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age, Moogles live alongside Humes and many have incredible engineering skills. It is said that Moogles built the first airships.

What if the rabbits try to build an airship?

So far these rabbits have not demonstrated the ability to build airships.

How long will the livestream go on for?

The livestream will finish at 12.00pm BST on 11th July, the day Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age releases.

Why are the rabbits sleeping?

If the rabbits are sleeping, it’s probably night time. They live in the UK so if you are in a different time zone, you may catch them snoozing.

Where are the rabbits?

Vauxhall City Farm, London. Vauxhall City Farm specialises in education and therapy animals. All the rabbits are rescue rabbits.
You can find out more about Vauxhall City Farm and donate here

How are you looking after the rabbits?

These rabbits are very friendly and used to interacting with humans. All materials used in the livestream are non-toxic and safe if the rabbits decide to chew on them. Trained farm staff are on hand to ensure the wellbeing of the rabbits and at night they are secured in their hutch to avoid foxes.

Tell me more about Final Fantasy XII

In Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age, players are transported to the grand world of Ivalice where magic is commonplace and airships fill the skies. War has engulfed the kingdom of Dalmasca, leaving it in ruin and uncertainty. Princess Ashe, the only surviving heir to the Dalmascan throne, devotes herself to the resistance to liberate her country. Accompanied by Vaan, a young man who lost his family in the war, together these unlikely allies and their companions lead the fight for the freedom of their homeland. You can pre-order here

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