Summer Games Done Quick Raises $1.7 Million

Games Done Quick

The summer games speed running event that benefits Doctors Without Borders raised a grand total of $1,776,510.79.

The amount was raised by 30,068 people which is an average of $59.08 per person raised. According to the Games Done Quick stats page the biggest donation from a single person was $20,300.

The $1.7 million grand total is a new record for the charity event. In 2016 the event managed to raise $1.29 million. This years event allowed viewers to suggest what streamers should do, as reported by kotaku an example of this is when viewers donated $2,740 to have a speed runner hold an Emil plushie in one hand whilst playing Nier: Automata.

Summer Games Done Quick is the second annual event held in 2017. Awesome Games Done Quick was held earlier this year. The event brought in $2.2 million which is a million dollars more than the event raised last year.

Source: GameSpot