Warframe To Get An Open World Area Later This Year

Plains of Eidolon

It has been confirmed that Warframe will be getting open world areas later this year.

The new areas will be called Landscapes and were first revealed at TennoCon the Warframe convention held in London. Landscapes will be included in the new expansion Plains of Eidolon which will be coming later this year.

More details about Landcapes can be found over at PC Gamer where they had an interview with Digital Extreme’s community manager, Rebecca Ford. Digital Extreme publish Warframe and in the interview Ford stated that “The intent since day one was to take leaps, create and add to the game in an organic way where we listen to and surprise our players,” she told PC Gamer, “so in a way the game has evolved into a mash of genres that we didn’t necessarily plan specifically, but so far we’ve managed to make sense of.”

Landscapes will be constructed environments as apposed to the game’s procedurally generated levels.Landscapes will also have day and night cycles and a town called Cetus where players can receive quests from NPCs.

The instances included in the Plains of Eidolon will support up to 50 players. There has been no specific release date yet for the expansion but you are able to get more information about the expansion here.