Impact Winter Gets An Update

impact winter

Bandai Namco has announced that Impact Winter has received a patch, working on the resolution and aspect ratio issues.

The patch notes can be found below,

  • Issue addressed where players could get stuck on the Safe menu.
  • Various localisation fixes (including clipping text issues for English)
  • Maggie can now get injured whilst crafting
  • Physics will no longer update when the game is paused
  • Cough animation no longer makes the NPCs sit
  • Searchable collision detection fixed to be more precise (now allowing overlapping searchables to be selected)
  • Ordering updated to stop icons appearing in front of menus
  • Strangers no longer ‘pop-in’ to player’s view
  • Corrupted search outline graphic fixed for some searchables
  • Fixed bug where Ako-Light would become stuck when digging in RC mode
  • Bug to fix missing ‘Forgotten’ characters on the external map
  • Rope entrance animation no longer plays in the wrong places
  • Other smaller misc. issues